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Amelia “Millie” Joy Mount

I remember April 27, 2020. It was just after 10:08 PM when I heard a little voice praying softly in the dark, “God, I not go to the hospital with my daddy. God, take my cancer away.” That prayer was offered by three year old Amelia Joy Mount, who our family affectionately calls “Millie”.

Millie's Journey

When Millie was just two and a half, she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer in 2019. She endured a year of hard treatments and ultimately passed away July 8, 2020. Millie's life, however, was much more than cancer. Millie was the youngest of nine children, the baby who was loved by all! She had a sweet tiny voice with a funny and often sassy attitude. Her siblings were her best friends, and she would often ask them, “Will you come back?” She loved living on a farm, being outside on her swing, or riding in the tractor with her
daddy. At the end of everyday you would find her in her chair ready to rock to sleep cuddled up with mama.

Millie will forever be missed! We look forward to heaven and seeing our sweet girl again.

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