Acts of      indness!

The K Club was built on the idea of random acts of kindness, little unexpected acts to brighten another's day.  K Club members around the world are spreading kindness one act at a time.  What can you do to spread kindness?


        Lego Project!

Keaton loved Legos! They provided him with hours of entertainment in the hospital and when he had to stay home.  The K Club will provide Lego sets to children on the oncology floor of the Children's Hospital in the hopes of bringing them some joy and a welcome distraction from all that goes on during a hospital stay.  Ask us how you can help!






Families with a child in hospice are facing one of the most

difficult situations imaginable.  The K Club aims to provide


a way to make lasting memories and provide comfort to

these families.  K Packs contain items that allow families

to create precious keepsakes and remind them that they

are loved.  Ask us how you can help us provide care

packs to these special children and their families.  


No family should ever have to experience the loss of a child.  The K Club supports families who have lost a child due to cancer by assisting with funeral costs.

Club Birthdays!

​Is someone you love having a birthday party soon? Many of our amazing K Club members have been asking for K Club donations instead of gifts. Some have chosen their own kindness projects, and some have worked with us to meet our current needs. Contact the K Club for more details on celebrating your special day the K Club way!

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