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Audra Yarholer

Audra was diagnosed with Pre B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was seven years old. Cancer stole part of her childhood and broke her body but never her spirit or determination. She underwent treatment for two and half years, but her battle has been successful.  Audra completed chemo in June 2020! 

Audra's Journey

Audra is a student in Deer Creek and has not only stayed in and excelled at school but has also remained active on her softball and basketball teams and has developed a love of art. She is the oldest of four daughters and loves spending time with her family and friends and playing games.

Audra chalks her success in life and over this disease to the Lord and all the prayers from “Audra’s Army."  She has remained faithful and hopeful throughout this journey and will continue to advocate for pediatric cancer for the rest of her life. 

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