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Ava Wood

Ava is a spunky girl with an infectious laugh. She loves gymnastics, volleyball, and hanging out with friends. But in December 2018, Ava got news that no child should hear. Following many tests, Ava was diagnosed with a severe bone marrow failure disease called Aplastic Anemia.

Ava's Journey

Ava went from going to school and doing gymnastics every day to needing weekly blood transfusions and spending most of her time inpatient at OU Children's. She fought sepsis and infections due to her compromised immune system.  Ava received 80+ blood and platelet transfusions, had 3 central lines placed in her body, and had 6 surgeries. 


On July 26, 2019, Ava received a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor in Europe.  Against many odds, Ava’s body accepted the donated marrow and started making her own blood. Today, Ava is doing amazingly well and is even starting to play volleyball and gymnastics again. Ava and her family are eternally grateful to her miracle donor, who they hope to connect with this year, the staff of OU Children’s Hospital, their friends and family, and the entire community.  Most of all, they are thankful for God’s constant presence and comfort during Ava's battle. 

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