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Scarlett Rogers

Meet Scarlett!  Scarlett was diagnosed at age four with Stage IV Nephroblastoma, better known as Wilm’s Tumor.  After having the flu for two weeks and never fully recovering, she was taken back to urgent care where we were told to take her to the ER immediately.  A few hours later, doctors found a mass the size of a small watermelon on her right kidney.  The next day, Valentine’s Day, our little sweetheart underwent surgery to remove her kidney and tumor.  Scarlett then had 33 weeks of chemo and 14 radiation treatments to her flank and lungs.  Today Scarlett has no evidence of disease and is a thriving third grader at Wilson Elementary.  Scarlett is happiest when she’s listening to her favorite bands - Blink 182, Johnny Cash or The Beach Boys -  and playing with her dogs.  Scarlett has dreams of becoming a therapy dog handler.

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