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Bristol Scholte


After several months of battling multiple infections and serious bruising, Bristol was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in May 2019 at the tender age of four. She was immediately admitted to OU Children's Hospital to begin treatment, which consisted of four rounds of chemotherapy over the course of five months. Her intense treatment often required long stays in the hospital as the powerful medicine would completely wipe out her immune system. After a very difficult fourth and final round of chemo, Bristol was discharged from the hospital after spending 121 days inpatient (and a mere two days before her baby
brother was born).

Bristol's Journey

Bristol was able to enjoy eight months at home before her family received the devastating news that her cancer had returned. Bristol was re-admitted to OU Children’s Hospital in June 2020 to begin an entirely new treatment plan – one that was supposed to include two intense rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. Bristol’s brother was going to be her stem cell donor as he was a perfect 10/10 match, which only occurs in siblings 25% of the time. However, two weeks before her scheduled life-saving transplant, Bristol experienced severe neurotoxicity from one of the chemotherapy drugs she had been receiving in her weekly spinal taps. She was admitted to the PICU to be intubated before passing away less than 24 hours later. Bristol put up an incredibly fierce battle, but ultimately laid down her sword September 14, 2020, at five years old.

Despite the many obstacles she faced during her short life, Bristol was unbelievably positive, extremely  compassionate, and very energetic. She was ridiculously outgoing and made friends with anyone and everyone who crossed her path. She was dearly loved by everyone who knew her. Her friends and family continue to try and learn how to live their lives without her while still being grateful for the brief time they had together, knowing she is now completely healed in Heaven.

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