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Chase Martinez

Chase's Story

How life can change in an instant.  Chase Martinez went from Football practice on September 7, 2018, to chemotherapy within a week.   


Chase was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, which is a bone cancer affecting roughly 300 children each year.  It’s believed osteosarcoma is one of the oldest types of cancer, yet one of the least known about.  This is partially because of the lack of research funding.   


Unfortunately, after three months of chemotherapy utilizing some of the strongest drugs in the industry, the chemo had no effect on Chase’s cancer.  Our only option was to amputate Chase’s right leg just above the knee.  Recovery was extremely difficult, especially when doctors recommended continuing chemotherapy for an additional six months. 


On February 28, 2019, we got some devastating news.  The cancer had spread to Chase’s lungs, and the possibility for surgical removal was not an option.  Chase took life into his own hands and lived every day thereafter to the fullest.  He loved everyone he encountered and was with his family when God took him to heaven on May 16, 2019. 

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