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Katelyn Stephens

Katelyn was diagnosed with Metastatic Ewings Sarcoma bone cancer in June 2018. Her chemotherapy treatment was very harsh and had to be given inpatient every other week for five days in a row. She made the best of every moment and made many friends along the way. Unfortunately, after fighting for eight months, the cancer had spread and couldn’t be stopped. She gained her wings on March 16, 2019.

Katelyn's Journey

She was a sassy, sweet, loving, kind, and caring 12 year old who had faith like no other. She was quick to help the underdog, never held anything back, and always fought for what she believed in. She loved music and could blow your mind with her voice and lyrics. God placed a song on her that heart to which she wrote the lyrics and the music. She was so blessed to have the opportunity to record that very song in an actual recording studio. It was then later released for the world to hear. Her RIPTIDE. This is her legacy that she left behind so that it can help others facing those tough battles.

(You can find Riptide on iTunes.)  

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